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Pilate 101 Review: How to Get A Strong Core and Energy Without Any Equipment

If you are reading this review, it simply mean you’ve heard of the Pilate 101 program by Sylvia Favela, and you are wondering if however the program will work perfectly for you. In that case, I welcome you to the Pilate 101 review, where all you need to know about the program will be revealed to you.

Base on the recent interest placed on the Pilate 101 program, our team of expert went on an in-depth research as to what the program is simply all about. However in this review you’ll get to know basically what the program is all about. Nevertheless in this review, you’ll also get to know the Pros and Cons that are featured in this program. Thus we believe that with the knowledge you’ll get from here you should be able to make a decision you’ll never regret.

Pilates 101Let’s Look In Details What The Pilate 101 Guide Is All About

As created by the woman Sylvia Favela who is a Comprehensive Certified Pilate instructor. Pilate 101 program, simply put is a program that is designed in simple and easy to apply formula. This unique system is a 45 days Pilate melt down program that’s guaranteed to firm and tone your body and feel sexy in 365 days of the year.


Firstly, Sylvia Favela-the author of this program, believes that many people goes into the gym with every intention of starting a new fitness routines; but slowly lose the motivation and drive to keep going because they injure themselves as a result of lack of changes. However she proves in the Pilate 101 system that all that’s needed to be done to get the desired body you’ve been expecting, is to get your heart rate up and incorporate a cardio regiment that’ll start your metabolism and start burning fat even while you sleep.

In addition, Sylvia Favela did claims in the Pilates workout solution manual; that the reason why so many people still live with their fat is simply because they don’t have an effective, functional full body toning workout that target the most common problem area, without putting needed stress on your body which can result in long-term injuries. However, the author believes that Pilate 101 guide simply put is a done for you system that’s designed with fat torching series of interval style training that includes the full body resistance and spurts of cardio.

What is Pilate Melt Down?

Furthermore you need to realize that the Pilates workout system is a done for you system, that provides a 6-weeks program with Pilates done on the mat and carefully fusing cardio within the program. Nonetheless, these 20 to 30 minutes workout are the perfect solution to get a full body workout that’ll shed away excess fat and give you lean muscle definition. In addition, it is a fat burning system that’s designed to work for both men and women.

However, Pilate melt down program is a functional interval combination of fat melting cardio, full body firming and toning movement in a little time workout. Within the next 45 days of getting the Pilate 101, here are what you will discover:

  • How a series of Pilates workouts can positively transform your body with fewer reps than other workouts.
  • Fully demonstrated videos of all the exercises to make sure you are doing the moves correctly and effectively.
  • How to do interval training with Pilates and Cardio without spending money on expensive equipment.
  • Done-for-you Pilates system designed to melt away fat and tone your body all in one functional short workout.
  • A simplified nutrition plan designed in a 6-week program that includes a grocery list to make it easy for you to shop.

Nonetheless, Pilate 101 e-Book comes along with several bonuses that are designed to get you your desired body. Once you subscribe to the program you have access to all of this bonuses and you need no pay extra cent for any of them. These bonuses include:

  • Pilate Flexibility Handbook- Sylvia Favela proves that Pilate exercise is a huge contributor in increasing flexibility but with the current times of sitting in front of computer all day long it’s easy for your body to stay stiff and hurt. Thus , this carefully detailed handbook guides you through Pilates Stretches designed to increase flexibility and give you the movement needed to perform everyday task without feeling pain.
  • Pilate Power Nutrition Plan- The author claims in the Pilate 101 manual that you need to realize that how to adopt a healthy lifestyle by being aware of what you are eating and what you aren’t eating. Thus along with your body slimming workout every day, this plan is specially designed to accompany the 45 Pilate Melt Down.

We believe according to the research work carried out by our team of review expert that this program will work for you perfectly. However, you’ll also need to realize that it is a program that does not involve you to take any pills or get yourself injured through lifting heavy metals all because you want to lose weight and get your fat burnt.

This conclusion however, is not based on our conclusion alone. You need to realize also that there are several people who have actually made use of the program and has experience positive result. In addition to this, several people believe that Pilates workout solution is a program that has allow their physique changed completely. Jenna-Teacher says “I kicked by butt into shape. I have definition in my arm, I dropped 2 Pant sizes this is the place to be to really change your body and get in shape.”

Pros of Pilates Workout Solution

Less Expensive– As claimed by the author of this manual, the Bodyweight Pilates is a program that is designed to give you a system that will change your lifestyle forever. However, you need to know that it is a less expensive program compare to the value that it’s given to you.

Refund Policy– You need to know that no two persons are the same, and what will work for me might not work for you. Nonetheless, if you get this program and you discover that it is of no help to you, you can ask for a refund of your money after 60 days of trial.

No Other Expenses– Unlike many other programs that you might have come across on the internet, the Pilate 101 manual shows you all you need to know in a simple easy to understand technique that does not require you to spent other unnecessary expenses.

Cons Attached to Pilate 101 Manual Program

Digital Download- For you to have this program, I think it’ll be good if I let you know that you need to have a working internet system and a computer system, since it comes in a downloadable format.


Pilates forces your body to work as a whole. Your abs and constantly working no matter what move you are doing. From your booties, arms, legs, inner and outer thighs. These workouts are going to sculpt your physique into a leaner, stronger and slimmer body. In addition, there several people that has given testimony of this program and you too just like them can start your brand new lifestyle today and change your world forever.


Pilate 101

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