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Tactical Gymnastic By Daniel Modell – Does It Really Work?

Review of the Tactical Gymnastic by Daniel Modell

Are you a man and you are looking for a secret to make you increase your ability to express power while decreasing how much effort required to do so? Are you looking for how to feel much more energy throughout your body, and throughout your day and that will have a dramatic impact upon your mood attitude and perspective? Yes you are welcome to this page this is because here is what you have been looking for, As at the time you finish reading this review then you will know that this is the real secret that works perfectly for you.

From the table of Daniel Modell come the Tactical Gymnastic program, a program that is put together to help you as a person gets the best out of your body. It is a real program that will reduce and eliminate acute and chronic pains that may be riddling you, leading to improved quality of life. Plus you will be able to navigate obstacles and challenges with ease and imagination as your body learns to adapt to new physical skills at an accelerated rate

How does it work?

This premise distinguishes TACGYM. Many roads will get you to graceful power. Only a few paths will get you there uninjured. My approach focuses on the 85% of you who, like me, cannot succeed in spite of improper coaching. Because of my childhood disabilities, I still need to exploit every training technology useful in order to keep my teams ahead of the bad guys who are willing to throw 20-something cannon fodder into the meat-grinder as said by the author. If you’re looking to burn fat or bulk up, sure, you’ll build muscle and lose body fat practicing tactical gymnastics, but these are not their primary goals; much like the warrior physique is merely a by-product, not the intent of fighting efficacy.

Tactical GymnasticHow Does It Make Everything You Do Better?

Tactical gymnastics are like “flow yoga with a purpose.” They help you develop movement efficacy to navigate on, around, over or through obstacles. They have specific purpose. If you consider the 4 Day Wave in TACFIT, you can insert your tactical gymnastics into the low or moderate intensity sessions. It is not possible to perform them with no intensity, like your mobility days; and not advisable to perform them at high intensity due to their complex nature, even if you scale down the complexity to simple movements


The Tactical Gymnastic Details

The Tactical Gymnastic by Daniel Modell is a program that comes in different component all aiming at helping you get the body of your own desire. The first component in this manual called the TACGYM manual is based on Field Manual to Tactical Gymnastics includes precise descriptions of the protocols and workouts within the TACGYM system.

Elaborate reports for all 12 workout missions (Fubar, Snafu and Tarfu – and all four levels of each: Delta to Alpha) are laid out in both written and photographic format. Included, are the innovative scoresheets for tracking your results in repetition, time, heart rate, technique, discomfort and exceptional level. The master program charts allow you to schedule the calendar of your exercise through all four aspects of recovery.

Also, you get to see the tactical along video, this comprises of 20 minute training simulations that have been created for the easiest, simplest format to follow-along with your instructor as you go through each protocol. Each innovative production allows you to maximize your time actually performing the workout mission without concern as to the next step.

In addition to this, you get to see the healing staff which is a flexibility/ mobility routine for the upper body. In this 33 minute instructional program, you’ll learn the unique and innovative approach to using ancient martial art staff conditioning drills to release tension and tightness in the upper body. Each of the 13 core movements build upon one another progressively, using only a household dowel rod or broomstick

The Author of the Tactical Gymnastic Manual

The Tactical Gymnastic is a program that is created by the world famous Daniel Modell who is commanding officer tactical training unit in New York Police Department. He has spent the past 30 years exploring different movement modalities, the past 20 years studying them exhaustively, and the past 10 years refining my coaching skills to share the library of movement he has learned from around the world.

The Pros of the Tactical Gymnastic Program

This is a simple and an easy to apply program that is not designed for the sake of money but for the sake of giving you the secret as to how you could maximize your physique. You will prevent injuries from happening, and lessen those severe injuries which may occur, as your connect tissue strength, joints, and response time improves. Also you will recover much more rapidly from sudden changes in movement, accidents, collisions, destabilizations, and forced translations.

The Cons of the Tactical Gymnastic Program

You are guaranteed that this is a complete program because it comes both in e-book and video format. It is what you can start to apply today. But the fact is that the author needs to get a way in which those who have no access to the internet would be able to get this manual.


Power means nothing without the ability to navigate unknown and surprise obstacles and resistance with ease and imagination. And even if you or your coaches have ignited your warrior spirit with the will to regain your heritage as the most potent creature God has ever graced the world with, you may not have the patience to develop at the appropriate rate.

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